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We’ve been Featured!

New Design – We’ve been Featured!

New Design magazine has featured ITERATE in their 2022 Yearbook, showcasing our progress over the past year. We are extremely proud to be a participant in a highly reputable design magazine, and for the products we have developed to sit amongst some extremely innovative creations. Radiated throughout the article are our ambitions to create purpose-driven products, that have a positive impact on both our environment and society. The article explains how our objectives have shifted and how our focus has matured; with three different innovations featured, we go into detail about how our new perspectives have influenced the products we create.

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Inside ITERATE: Chris Tyler on Why You Should Design a Business, not a Product

This week’s insight from ITERATE comes from Chris Tyler; Chris is Senior Design Engineer at ITERATE Design and Innovation. Day-to-day Chris is closely involved in early-stage conversations about new ideas, whilst also working closely with every designer in the team to support the development of numerous products and designing new products himself. One thing Chris always does is ask our Clients to think of their projects as opportunities to design businesses not just products. Within this article, you’ll find out why Chris strongly believes this mindset leads to better results all-round.

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