Successful product development is so much more than just good design.
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Technical &
Commercial Feasibility.

Developing any new product comes with its challenges. But we know that if these challenges are solved early, the design process will not only be smoother but you will also increase your chances of market success. This is why we will help you determine whether your product is technically and commercially viable at the start of your journey.

New Product Development.

You might have spotted an innovative product opportunity or are wanting to improve upon an existing range. No matter where you’re at in the process, our trademarked product development pathway will walk you through a series of design stages and decision gates – transforming your vision in to a product that people want to buy.

Engineering Design.

With experience of working for world-leading organisations such as Dyson; Rolls-Royce and Aston Martin Lagonda, our team are well positioned to tackle the most advanced engineering projects that require specialist electronic and mechanical design expertise.

Medical Product Design.

The development of medical devices is a highly regulated area of product design. We are an ISO 9001 & 13485 accredited organisation and have demonstrated at an international level that we have robust quality management systems in place – and, can competently support the creation of new products and prototypes in this sector.

Smart &
Wearable Technologies.

It’s well known that there’s been an explosion of new smart and wearable technologies in recent years. It’s less well known that these types of products have a low adoption rate. Our user-centred approach to design ensures that your product satisfies a genuine need and only includes features that enhance the user-experience.

Additive Manufacturing.

Additive manufacturing plays a significant role in our development process. The creation of 3D printed parts allows us to rapidly gain user insights and verify the effectiveness of our designs. Not only that, but advances in such technologies means that your product can truly be manufactured in scalable quantities using this technique.

Production & Assembly.

We have established a trusted network of manufacturing partners both in the UK and the Far East. If you choose to work with us, we will nominate a manufacturer for your product and collaborate with them throughout the design process. This will ensure a smooth handover at the end of your project as well as scale-up of production.

Intellectual Property.

Knowing whether to register your design or protect your product with a patent can be a difficult and costly decision, which often depends on your market location and business aspirations. Talk to one of our independent IP specialists to find out which form of intellectual property is right for you and fits with your growth plans.

Grants & Funding.

We are the nominated consultancy for the Welsh Government’s SMART Productivity & Design programme, which supports the growth of innovative businesses in Wales. We have also delivered a number of InnovateUK funded projects that exceed £3m in value, and have links with venture capitalists and angel investors.

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