January 23, 2024 ITERATE

ITERATE Employs Artificial Intelligence to Reduce Costs of Product Development

Do we feel Artificial Intelligence is posing a threat to our design consultancy?

ITERATE explain how they are employing AI to reduce the costs of product development…

There is no hiding from the fact that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is impacting the modern workplace and transforming the way we work. It’s exciting! At least that’s how ITERATE and the design team currently feel about the rapidly developing systems, which can produce data and complete tasks within seconds. We have had many conversations regarding these advancements and even debated the questions of AI being seen as a ‘cheat code’ or a ‘short cut’… So with that in mind, here is how ITERATE are currently utilising these technological resources in our design process.

When ITERATE work with clients in the initial stages of designing their product, our team generate an array of ideas that address a brief. These initial designs are often presented in digital sketch format to the customer, created with the use of varied systems, most suited to the project in question. One of our experienced Design Engineers, is of the opinion that AI is another useful tool that can efficiently assist with the early design process. Not dissimilar to that of CAD, computer-aided design technology that supports the creation and modification of a design. Currently, our optimistic view is that it’s a form of technology, another tool if you will, that we at ITERATE have begun using when appropriate, to assist with the efficiency of our initial design stages. Why waste time getting to the same conclusion just by more inefficient means? Better to remain on trend, embrace the change and advancements than to shy away from them, would you agree?

One of ITERATE’s unique selling points as a consultancy, is that we invest time in each of customers. The service we offer starts from the moment a client sends their first email or picks up the phone to talk us through their product requirements. Generating successful designs that meet specifications is a significant part of what we do at ITERATE, but the other element is ensuring we place our customers at the heart of the process. Listening, understanding, interacting… These empathetic characteristics are things that no AI system can replace.

We at ITERATE, perceive AI to quite simply be another tool that we will be implementing into our working processes, when there feels an appropriate need. As with other systems that have come before, over time we will learn more about it and as it matures, our attitudes towards AI may indeed change. However, for now, our team use it as a technological method to assist and refine concept generation. Artificial Intelligence cannot replace the human interaction and quality customer service that is a significant part of what our designers provide to our customers. ITERATE are embracing AI in a way that suits our consultancy and aligns with our ethos. Working with it, instead of against it, better positions us to navigate the evolving landscape of the modern workplace.

If you are intrigued by what you have read and would like to discuss this further, please do get in touch! Possibly you have a different view? As always, ITERATE look forward to speaking with you.



Jenni Manning


Jenni Manning

Business Development Executive

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