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We Have Been Shortlisted! -Design Drizzle ’10 Best Product Designers’

Design Drizzle ‘10 best product designers you should consider in 2022’


We are delighted to announce we have been shortlisted in Design Drizzle’s ‘10 best product designers you should consider in 2022’. Design Drizzle has granted us 4th place in their international listing with the aim to educate and assist subscribers when searching for experienced product designers. Since refocussing our business at the back-end last year, our unique niche has really started to evolve; and, we are being globally recognised for our purpose-driven perspective. By shifting our efforts to the health, medical and consumer sectors, the type of the clients we are attracting enable us to deliver maximum impact through the development of new products.

‘The company employs a deep, human-centred approach to design- combined with considerable engineering muscle- making them the design partner of choice for companies looking to super charge their teams and launch exceptional products’ David Watson, Design Drizzle

‘New Mag’ has also mentioned us in their New Design series, highlighting our refreshed viewpoint and explaining what purpose-driven product design means to us. Creating products that generate a positive impact really drives our ambitions; as product designers we are aware of the fundamental issue our profession can create. Through being carefully selective of the projects we enrol, we are able to create revolutionary products that will improve the wellbeing of our current and future generation. Our purpose-driven strategy reflects the need to initiate a circular economy and we recognise our responsibility to encourage this strategy as much as we possibly can throughout design projects.

Additionally, sustainability is a heavily considered aspect when embarking on a design journey with our clients, we feel obliged to admit the inevitable and encourage the use of sustainable materials. Some examples of these materials are Sulapac, Trifilon and Kelpi; more information on these fantastic plastic alternatives can be found on our website or social media platforms. However, it is not only material selection that plays an important function in sustainable product development. Application of principles such as ‘design for manufacture’ and ‘design for recycling, reuse and repair’ also contribute to the values we hold and our day-to-day practices.

To conclude, if you have an innovative design idea and feel the same way we do about purpose-driven product design, then please do not hesitate to contact us, we would love to hear your ideas. To read the Design Drizzle article please follow the link below. https://designdrizzle.com/top-product-designers/


Gethin Roberts


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