April 15, 2024 ITERATE

Providing Customers With Our Carbon Footprint

ITERATE Are Proactively Reducing Carbon Footprint


Sustainability is crucial in today’s business landscape and more and more companies are becoming compliant in doing their part to minimise environmental impact. This is enforced further by consumers increasingly seeking out sustainable products and services. Thus, ITERATE have started to take more action toward combating the climate change crisis.

In product design, sustainability involves considering the environmental impact throughout the product’s lifecycle. From the initial sourcing of materials to manufacturing, distribution, use and then its disposal. ITERATE design consultancy are passionate about creating products that are going to make a positive difference to people’s lives and will not just become one-use, landfill waste. In addition to this, we are conscious of our carbon footprint and that means prioritising low-carbon materials, minimising waste where possible and designing for durability and recyclability. However, ‘being aware’ of our actions just didn’t quite seem good enough…

ITERATE are going beyond just talking about their actions –we are proactively tracking our carbon emissions! From doing this, we are able to share with our clients a certificate displaying a calculation of our corporate carbon footprint, associated with their project. Knowing we are recording our carbon usage, makes it much more purposeful and each member of the team plays a proactive part in its reduction.

Ultimately, sustainability is now going beyond a moral imperative. It is fast becoming a strategic business objective for long-term success and resilience in a rapidly changing world. ITERATE want to demonstrate to our clients we are doing more in our commitment to align with being ‘green’, which in return benefits both the environment and our company going forward.

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Jenni Manning

ITERATE Business Development Executive

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