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Our trademarked Rapid Product Development (RPD) Pathway is central to every project. Whether you want to work with us to design an award winning consumer product, or a game changing medical device – we will walk you through a series of stages so that we can achieve the best outcome for your business. Our design management approach ensures that your technical, commercial and financial risks are mitigated throughout the entire development journey.

1 - Foresight

During your project’s initiation phase, we will be attempting to understand several factors that could influence the success of your product. These could include ascertaining a deeper understanding of user habits and behaviours, existing intellectual property, key competitors within the market, or any recent technology advancements. Within this research development stage, it is also an opportunity to validate the technical feasibility of solving your design problem.

2 - Concept

Using a variety of creative tools and techniques, our team will generate an array of design ideas that address your project brief, with the aim of bringing your concept to life! Creative thinking is in our DNA, allowing us to conceive unique solutions that will exceed your expectations. These initial designs will then be presented in digital sketch format for you to review and feedback on. Prototyping activity may start here, typically with low fidelity to support concept exploration.

3 - Development

After reviewing your design concepts and gaining customer feedback, the mechanical, electronic and/or aesthetic features of your product need to be defined. This could include creating a hybrid concept and integrating the outputs from the Foresight phase. CAD development will begin with basic forms and rationalisation of key features. It is important that the product is fully defined by the end of this stage as major design changes later in the process will adversely affect the timeline. Initial 3D printed prototypes may be produced to help validate the form and direction of the developed concept.

4 - Detail

Once the product has been fully defined, we will create a detailed 3D CAD model of your product. During this stage we will define the intended material, finish, manufacturing process and method of assembly. If your product requires electronics, this will be detailed concurrently to the mechanical element of the design. Prototypes to show function, design performance and aesthetics will be created. These elements can be explored in isolation or collated into a series of prototypes to suit the project.

5 - Optimise

This phase is dedicated to preparing your product for manufacture; ensuring that all 3D CAD models are fully optimised and that critical to quality (CTQ) features are properly specified using an engineering drawing. In addition, we will source any off-the-shelf components and create a final bill of materials (BOM). Prototyping will look to replicate the finished product functionality, form, and aesthetics collectively. Final prototyping activity will confirm parts following DFM activity still function as developed.

6 - Verify

ITERATE operates to ISO 9001 & 13485 standards which may be required for your product development. We can support your certification requirements, working with an external test house who will verify that your product complies with the necessary regulations. ITERATE can also produce a technical folder that demonstrates CE/UKCA certification.

7 - Handover

We have a distributed supply chain of manufacturing partners in the UK and the Far East. This enables us to manufacture every part of your product using processes such as: injection-moulding; casting; machining; sheet metal pressing and forming; hand finishing, assembly and quality control (QC).

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