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We’ve been Featured!

New Design – We’ve been Featured!

New Design magazine has featured ITERATE in their 2022 Yearbook, showcasing our progress over the past year. We are extremely proud to be a participant in a highly reputable design magazine, and for the products we have developed to sit amongst some extremely innovative creations. Radiated throughout the article are our ambitions to create purpose-driven products, that have a positive impact on both our environment and society. The article explains how our objectives have shifted and how our focus has matured; with three different innovations featured, we go into detail about how our new perspectives have influenced the products we create.

The first product featured is the Orthotics platform created for Dacey Orthotics services. This product was important for us to share as it is a clear example of the type of products we thrive to create. The Orthotics Platform has significantly impacted its user and has helped improve the users experience when performing what may have previously been a daunting task. The 3D scanning footrest facilitates the capture of CAD data, which is used to inform the creation of bespoke footwear for patients with health conditions or injuries. The team at Dacey Orthotics Solutions are specialist in diabetes, rheumatology, and paediatrics and deliver a complete service including creating bespoke footwear.

The MOHONTO sustainable shower head was the second product to be featured. This was an in-house project that allowed the design team to put their skills to good practice. This cleverly considered design was ignited by the observation that many other shower head designs are typically made out of multiple plastic and silicone parts, which are ultra-sonically welded together making them almost impossible to recycle. With the MOHONTO shower head being a 1-piece machined aluminium design with the addition of 3D printed cone inserts that allowed the user to choose between a variety of different water patterns; a sophisticated, environmentally friendly product was established.

The final product mentioned in the article is the VRGO FYT, a workplace wellbeing device that measures and improves back posture through sending push notifications to the user when their posture is compromised. The design team worked collaboratively with a specialist electronics engineer who produced a supporting mobile application. This again reflects the type of products we aspire to create and the innovations we thrive to be a part of.

So, don’t forget to grab your copy of the New Design Yearbook 2022 by following this link: https://newdesignmagazine.co.uk/yearbook/