Printed Razor.

Compostable razor produced using the latest additive manufacturing technologies.

Mutiny Shaving is a sustainable personal grooming product supplier, who partnered with ITERATE through the Welsh Government’s SMART Productivity & Design program. The challenge was to design an eco-friendly razor using 3D printing technology that was safe to use and performed in the same way as a traditional razor. After rigorous prototyping and testing, ITERATE created a v-shaped neck with a pin and collar locking mechanism for precise and repeatable blade attachment. Careful material selection led to three eco-conscious 3D printing options, including 70% recycled polymer, wood concentrate and beer waste filaments. The result is a unique razor designed for Fuse Deposition Modelling (FDM) technology, which is fully compostable after its life-in-service. This razor stands out as a sustainable alternative to non-recyclable razors in the market, reflecting Mutiny Shaving’s commitment to becoming carbon neutral.