Urinalysis Device.

Development of a urinalysis device using user-centred design techniques.

ITERATE set-about redesigning an outdated urinalysis device to demonstrate the importance of taking a user-centred approach. An observational study revealed that the usability of the diagnostic unit could be improved upon; enabling urine samples to be processed in a more streamlined way. The study also found that the time it took healthcare professionals to learn how to use the product could be drastically reduced by making the interface more intuitive. Extensive concept generation and 3D CAD modelling led to a new sleek, angular design for UriCheck, emphasising hygiene and usability. Accent colours were introduced to help highlight key user touch points such as the on/off button, graphical interface, test insertion area and printer output. A fully functional prototype was created using Stereolithography (SLA) technology and spray-painted to match the intended manufactured design.