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Inside ITERATE: Behind the Scenes of Our Company Video

Today marks the start of a new regular series on our blog; within this series “Inside ITERATE” you’ll find insights from the team, from what’s exciting us most in the design industry at the moment to what we’re thinking about as we develop new products every day. To kick off the series, we’re going behind the scenes of our recently released company video which you can watch here.

In November last year, we decided it was time to update our company video. Since we released our previous video, several things had changed. From moving to new offices, to bringing new faces into the team and using new technologies and tools, there was a lot we wanted to share. When we thought about what we wanted to show the world through this new video, the answer was simple: a real look inside ITERATE.

This means showing who we are, what we do and how we work in as much detail as possible. We were conscious that for many people, it’s hard to picture or imagine what life inside a design consultancy looks like and what the process of new product development will involve. We wanted to change this fact. When Clients work with us, they’re sharing their ideas and ambitions with us and trusting our team to take these ideas and turn them into tangible products. We know that placing this trust is a lot easier if you know us.

Bringing the outside world into our world at ITERATE was where we began with the video and this new series aims to continue that mission.

With this in mind, there was another factor that fuelled the creation of our company video and shaped our message, this was our Client’s perspective. When filming for our new company video, we were fortunate enough to get some of our wonderful Clients on camera. These Clients openly shared the experiences they’ve had while developing new products with our team. Five of our Clients took the time to talk about overcoming the early doubts and challenges to create incredible new products and business opportunities and they share exactly how it felt to see their ideas become physical products and genuine businesses.

We are excited to share even more of the experience that comes with developing a new product with the ITERATE team throughout this series.

Client videos will be released very soon.