Laundry Clip.

A plastic injection-moulded clip that keeps socks paired during the wash cycle.

Have you ever pulled your washing out of the machine to find that you seemingly have odd and missing socks that can’t pair up? This is a simple problem that one of our longest-standing clients has been trying to solve. The concept started as a pair of clips which permanently fixed to your sock so that you could have them paired together throughout the wash. Whilst effective, it was decided that the product shouldn’t irreversibly damage the customer’s socks. Thus, we needed to find a way to attach a clip to the socks in a robust but non-permanent way and have these clips connect to keep the socks together. The final design is comprised of an Inner which folds over the top of the sock via its living hinge feature, and an outer which slides over the inner to clamp it and lock it firmly onto the sock. The two socks then connect together by square and pin features which press and hold them together under friction. The resulting product is a truly unique mechanical design solution which could have further applications for holding things together than just your socks!