3D Printed
Superhero Mask.

Additively manufactured master part to streamline the creation of latex masks.

Ministry of Masks produce collector quality latex masks for an array of purposes. We were approached to assist with the use of new manufacturing technologies to streamline their creation process. The aim was to 3D print a Batman mask that the client could use as a master to create a mould from. A true-to-size mask was so large for our FDM printer that had to be split into multiple bodies which were precisely bonded together to achieve minimal visibility of the split lines. A hauntingly realistic Batman mask was successfully produced, with a seamless and detailed finish. FDM technology presented a more efficient solution for the client than a traditional process without compromising the high-quality of the product. The success of this FDM printed Batman mask showcases how additive manufacturing technology can be used in novel outlets to maximise the efficiency of production process.