Headphone Converter.

Converts wired headphones using Bluetooth connectivity. Extending their lifetime and diverting them from landfill.

WIREDLESS was developed by the design team at ITERATE. A product opportunity was identified to create a device that enables people to continue using their existing wired headphones with portless devices. A major challenge faced was identifying a method for housing the electronics and concealing the headphone cable. It was found that some wireless audio devices feature a neckband to provide more volume for the electronics – rather than packaging them within the actual earbud/headphone. Utilising a neckband design provided a housing to hold the electronics and cabling comfortably and conveniently. The neckband incorporates a Bluetooth module which connects to the user’s wireless device. The neckband also provides user-friendly media controls so that the user can change tracks and volume without needing to interact with their smart device. WIREDLESS received an honourable mention at the European Product Design Awards 2019.