Heart Monitor.

Wrist-worn healthcare monitor aimed at tackling heart disease amongst women.

ITERATE developed a heart monitoring device, TÜLIP, as part of our FemTech initiative to address women’s heart health issues. Recognising the alarming misdiagnosis rates and symptom recognition challenges in women experiencing heart problems, the device records heart rhythm and blood oxygen levels, allowing for convenient at-home monitoring. The design process focused on user needs and aesthetics, resulting in a comfortable wrist-worn bracelet. The curvaceous and feminine design seamlessly integrates into home environments and represents empowerment in women’s health. PPG technology and an oximeter were used for heart rhythm and oxygen level monitoring, making the wrist the ideal location for data collection. The muted colours, copper accents, and the product’s sculptural shape enhance the feminine appeal and blend with the home setting. The name TÜLIP reflects the product’s shape when not in use. It offers a stylish, user-friendly, and luxury-oriented approach to FemTech, allowing women to monitor their heart health effectively and aesthetically.