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We are a dynamic team of Design Engineers who blend creative and technical expertise in order to develop new products from a design concept right through to production. ITERATE is unique within the industry as we enable you to be ‘First-to-Market’ through specialist knowledge of Rapid Product Development.

After studying a Masters degree in Rapid Product Development and spending a decade working in manufacturing; our Managing Director, Gethin Roberts, identified that many businesses are slow to respond to market demands as they take too long to conceive new products. As a result, Gethin developed the RPD Pathway, which focuses on removing many of the barriers that prevent new products from getting to market.

By following this stage-by-stage process, we can create exciting product experiences within a compressed time-frame; helping you to better manage your risk. Using this proven approach, we have successfully developed an array of products for the technology, consumer, industrial and healthcare sectors.

If you would like to discuss how ITERATE can help you, please contact us by telephone or email.

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Our Team

Product Design Team

Gethin Roberts

Gethin is our Managing Director and has over 15 years experience of developing new products. He is responsible for ensuring that all projects follow the RPD Pathway, enabling you to be ‘First-to-Market’. Prior to establishing ITERATE in early 2014, Gethin worked for a number of large manufacturing companies who produced medical devices; water control systems; and electric motors. Gethin also acts as a Design Advisor to the Welsh Government on the SMART Innovation programme.

Product Design Team

Thomas Gray

Thomas holds a First Class degree in Product Design from Cardiff Metropolitan University. Thomas has excellent digital sketching and research skills that enable him to dissect complex design problems and effectively communicate well considered solutions. Furthermore, Thomas is passionate about ensuring new products are developed with sustainability in mind; enabling them to be easily disassembled, reused and recycled after their life-in-service.

Product Design Team

Matt Beamish

Matt holds a BEng in Product Design Engineering from Loughbrough University and has the ability to apply theoretical principles and calculations to design problems. Previously, Matt developed an affordable Child Restraint System (CRS) that had a target retail price of £150. Using a systematic approach to value engineering, Matt designed-out materials and components that added weight and cost to the final assembly whilst ensuring that the car seat satisfied the necessary safety standards.

Product Design Team

Rhydian Dobbin

Rhydian joined the team shortly after completing a Masters degree in Product Design at Cardiff Metropolitan University. During his post-graduate study, Rhydian developed a custom fit 3D printed lower arm cast that leveraged near-infrared light therapy in order to accelerate the healing of fractures. The chosen printing technology was FDM (Fuse Deposition Modelling), which enabled a new antibacterial and antimicrobial filament called Copper3D to be used.

Product Design Team

Chris Tyler

Chris is our Senior Design Engineer and has vast experience of the consumer, automotive and aerospace industries after working at Dyson, Aston Martin Lagonda and within Rolls-Royce for a number of years. Whilst at Dyson, Chris was responsible for developing a range of innovative hair dryer attachments that were subsequently patent protected. Chris has a strong track record of bringing products to market, which is as a result of his systematic approach to new product development and background in Design for Manufacture (DfM).

Product Design Team

Matthew Bajjada

Matthew joined the team after graduating from Swansea University with a 2:1 in BEng Electronic & Electrical Engineering. During his university study, Matthew was involved in two projects that developed and prototyped two separate automated robotic systems capable of a multitude of commands, which included: obstacle avoidance; line following; infrared seeking; wireless calibration; and search & rescue to name a few. Between these two projects, they enhanced his time management and problem-solving skills as well as building on his knowledge of passive & discrete circuits, sensory devices, and an array of programming languages.