Dental 3D Printing

Our in-house 3D printing capability enables us to produce highly accurate and custom fit occlusal guards; mouth splints; surgical guides; teeth whitening trays; sport guards and arches. Using the latest sterolithography (SLA) technology, we are able to print parts from your intraoral scan data in a variety of materials and colours, which include: clear; translucent peach, pink; and solid grey. Our materials library includes Class l and Class lla biocompatible resins that are approved for dental use. 3D printing such products provide a much higher level of accuracy when compared to traditional methods ensuring that optimal patient comfort is achieved.

Our team has experience of printing the following custom fit products:

Occlusal Guards
Surgical Guides
Sport Guards
Whitening Trays
Mouth Splints

Our Approach

  • Define

    We will work alongside you to define the most suitable products for your dental practice. This may involve supply of our complete range or batch quantities of specific products that may fill gaps within your existing dental portfolio.

  • Scan

    We utilise the latest intraoral scanning technology to produce high-quality 3D CAD imagery; the scan data can be captured on-site at your dental practice. We are also able to accept your .STL files if you already have intraoral scanning capability.

  • Process

    After the scan data has been captured, we will securely transfer the file to our in-house technology experts who will use the model to produce digital impressions, which will be used to build your part(s).

  • Design

    Using our specialist 3D CAD software, we will make modifications to the raw scan data so that it is suitable for print production. The CAD will pass through our standardised processes to ensure that the outputs meet your required specification.

  • Print

    Once the final CAD model has been internally verified, we will produce your parts using the latest Stereolithography (SLA) technology. Where appropriate, biocompatible materials will be used. Your parts will then be hand finished and polished.

  • Approve

    We will ensure that your part(s) are produced to the highest possible standard by following a structured set of highly detailed checks and tests. We are able to adapt to your quality control procedures if additional quality assurance (QA) is needed.

  • Post

    Following approval, all UK customers will receive their parts securely via Royal Mail Track and Trace. Orders will be hand delivered to local practices.

Case Study: Digital Dentures

The applications for 3D printing are constantly widening, with machine makers continuously improving the achievable part quality, finish and availability of their materials. The use of additive manufacturing in the dental sector was previously unfeasible for the majority of clinics and labs; however, a recent convergence of such technologies as well as the introduction of biocompatible materials now makes 3D printing a real alternative to traditional methods.

ITERATE collaborated with a local denture lab to explore how intraoral scanning, additive manufacturing and digital file sharing could benefit denture production. The laboratory provided a partial denture that had been crafted using traditional methods. The technical challenge was to create a product of similar quality within a quicker time-frame by optimising the workflow through leveraging these technologies.

In order to achieve this, we identified suitable CAD software and tooth libraries that would allow us to develop efficient and repeatable production techniques including: the scanning process; CAD production; print settings; and finishing methods. Once established, we produced several development prototypes using mutiple 3D printing technologies. This allowed us to further optimise the production process before producing final models in denture and tooth coloured biocompatible resins, which we had identified as being realistic and suitable for dental use.

The final outcome consisted of a highly flexible and repeatable digital workflow, and a realistic denture model approved as being equal quality to traditional alternatives. This case study has since gained interest from several local dentists and dental laboratories, who have expressed an interest in other dental products that can be produced in this way.

Success Factors

Having developed a series of custom fit dental products for denture clinics, labs and practices, the following benefits have been observed:

  • 1. Faster turnaround time due to speed of scanning and printing technologies
  • 2. Increased product accuracy due to fewer steps in the production process and achievable tolerance of 3D printing
  • 3. Enhanced patient experience; less chair time required in the dental clinic
  • 4. Potential 80% material saving compared to traditional methods offering sustainability benefits
  • 5. Higher levels of patient comfort and reduced rejection rates due to precision fit.

Gethin is an expert designer who provided some excellent design consultancy work for Olberon Medical Innovation. He is conscientious, personable and a professional individual. ITERATE respect your time-line and provide work of a very high standard. I wholeheartedly recommend their product development services.

Dr Arash BakhtyariCEO (Radiologist)Olberon Medical Innovation

How Can We Help?

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