What We Offer

User Centred Research

We apply User Centred Research tools in all of our projects, as we believe understanding the user and their requirements significantly benefits the final product.

New Product Development

We have a proven track record of developing innovative products that achieve commercial success in a diverse range of market sectors

Advanced Engineering Design

With vast experience of electronic and mechanical engineering design, our technical team are well positioned to develop your complete product

Additive Manufacturing

With access to the latest 3D printing technologies and low volume production methods, we can build and test your product in small quantities

Smart and Wearable Technology

In recent years, the emergence of smart and wearable technologies has exploded. We are at the forefront of leading this technology trend.

Medical Product Design

We design innovative medical and healthcare products around the needs of the user, which offer clinical and lifestyle benefits

Dental 3D Printing

Our in-house 3D printing capability enables us to produce custom fit night guards; splints; aligners and surgical drilling guides that achieve optimal patient comfort.

Production and Assembly

Using our distributed supply chains, we can manufacture your product in the UK or the Far East depending on your time-scale and budget

Intellectual Property

Our team can design products that are truly unique. This inherent intellectual property can be protected using a patent, registered design or design right

Funding and Investment

We can identify suitable sources of finance to help commercialise your product, such as: crowdfunding, government grants or angel investment