To develop a product, you are breaking new ground. As with any unknown, new ground involves risk. But risk is also where the biggest opportunities lie for those who are prepared to seize them. We want to encourage new product developers to take the risk and transform the challenges involved in new product development into opportunities to succeed.

Here, you will find information and resources to help you see the challenges of new product development as opportunities to excel your product and grow your business (perhaps, beyond what you initially imagined). By diving into four key areas that affect the wider picture of new product development (market opportunity, financial investment, technical challenge, and intellectual property), we aim to help you successfully navigate your new product development journey and make decisions that will fuel lasting success.

These resources can be used to build up your design brief, or to help you make decisions during the development process. Our ambition is to ensure this section is constantly growing and evolving, and most importantly to ensure the insights, ideas, and questions enclosed in these pages are fed directly from our Clients who are deep into their development. So, review our resources, read the articles and start shaping your next steps strategically, whatever stage you’re at.

Market Knowledge

Technical Challenge

Financial Investment

Intellectual Property