Device Packaging.

Innovative healthcare packaging that offers an enhanced user experience.

PFL Healthcare, the creator of Snoreeze sleeping aids, aimed to reduce costs and environmental impact in their product offering. Specifically, they sought to eliminate the need for disposable tongs when submerging their oral device in boiling water to encourage softening. Our solution was a two-piece polycarbonate enclosure with an integrated clip feature, allowing users to attach the oral device to the packaging and place it on top of a cup full of boiling water. This innovative design not only streamlines the mouth-moulding process, but also distinguishes the product in the market by removing the need for disposable tongs. ITERATE worked closely with PFL Healthcare throughout the design process to optimise the design for high-volume production. As a result, the new product is now available for purchase at Boots stores nationwide. This project showcases PFL Healthcare’s commitment to cost-efficiency and sustainability, making their Snoreeze brand more eco-conscious.