Diagnosis Device.

Development of in vitro medical device that utilises infra-red technology to identify early-stage lung cancer.

PulmonIR is a medical technology start-up based in Wales. The company was established in 2016 with the purpose of exploiting intellectual property that had been created as a result of research undertaken at Swansea University. The challenge involved creating a high level functional prototype that seamlessly integrated mechanical product design; electronic controls and a MEMS based infrared spectrometer to clearly demonstrate the product benefits. The device is intended for use within clinical and laboratory environments; a strong focus was placed on minimising product size so that the footprint remained limited. The functional medical device incorporates a MEMS based infrared (IR) spectrometer. This enables users to deposit a sputum sample in to a collection tray and insert it in to the unit. The IR technology can identify specific wave patterns associated with lung cancer and provide an indication of whether a patient needs to be referred for a CT scan to confirm the presence of the disease. A Selective Laser Sintered (SLS) enclosure was produced and finished using durable gloss black and satin white paint. Custom metal work enabled the touch screen display, control PCB, IR technology to be firmly held in place. Furthermore, the device demonstrates first class design practices as the product can be fully dissembled and recycled after its life.