Our Top 5 Wearable Technologies

Wearable technology is an exciting trend that combines fashion, product design, software and electronics. The future within this emerging arena is unclear as many companies enter the market with products that make us fitter, healthier, more efficient and all round better citizens. These are our favourite ‘wearables’ of the moment: 

5: Lumo Back

Aesthetically, this is an unexciting product but does aim to solve a major health problem experienced by many. Lumo Back is a vibration sensor mounted to an elasticated waist band. The unit is intended to detect poor posture and encourage the user to stand up straight. It does this by emitting a ‘buzz’ every time the user slouches, reminding them to correct their position. As with most wearable technologies, Lumo Back is supported by an iOS application.

4. Fitbit Flex

Produced by a startup company in San Francisco, Fitbit Flex is a wrist worn device that is able to monitor physical activity and sleeping patterns. With an ultra clean design, the strap is produced from a rubberised material that is both water-resistant and comfortable to wear for long periods of time. The product has wireless connectivity, allowing it to be synced with a smartphone app that offers a myriad of data analytics such as distance travelled, calories burnt and quality of sleep.

3. Narrative Clip 

Narrative is a compact and stylish camera that can be clipped to your clothing. The camera captures a photo every 30 seconds or when double tapped in hope of retaining an image of those moments that would have not been previously recorded. This polished little product weighs 20 grams and is 36 x 36 x 9mm in size, allowing you to easily forget that its on your person. The 5 megapixel resolution is more than acceptable for such a small device.

2. Apple Watch 

Due to be launched in 2015, the Apple Watch already makes our short list of top wearable technologies. We believe that this product will not fail to disappoint as the promotional video alone is enough to knock your socks off. Available in two different sized faces and with a multitude of straps, this timepiece very cleverly targets different market sectors. Filled with all the features you would expect from Apple, the Watch allows users to read emails; send texts; make calls; view photos and access the web. This is a product that we feel will better define the route that wearable technologies will take in the future.

1. Oakley Airwave

With a cool price tag of £520, the Airwave Ski Goggles by Oakley is our favourite wearable technology. These goggles deliver crisp, widescreen graphics using innovative prism technology. This technology provides a heads-up display perceived to be the size of a 14-inch screen viewed from a distance of 5 feet. Jam packed with a number of impressive features, Airwave has: smartphone connectivity; on-board music; an integrated navigation system with buddy tracking capability; and a speed monitor supported by an accurate GPS facility – wow!