May 15, 2024 ITERATE

Listen. Reflect. Perfect.

Every designer at some point in their career would have questioned, how will this product be received? The ITERATE team were able to obtain this information first hand, by attending a useability trial and observing, listening, and learning from real-time feedback.

ITERATE has been involved in designing a disruptive healthcare monitoring device. The product development journey has reached an exciting point in which this month, usability trials were able to be held at The Listening Lab in London.

Carried out on a one-to-one basis, each participant was introduced to the medical device via a prototype followed by a video, providing them with a level of background information regarding the product. Throughout the course of the trial, the participants were encouraged to hold the monitoring device, ask questions and gain insight into how it works.

Members of the ITERATE team along with the client, were able to observe the trials live from a neighbouring viewing space. Discussions could be had freely around the rich, first-hand information they were obtaining. The participants involved in the trial were unaware that the product development team were onsite, enabling them to provide honest feedback on what they saw and tested.

The trial was a success and each participant spoke very positively about the healthcare monitoring device. In addition, some constructive criticism was fed back, regarding aspects they felt could be improved, both subjectively and for a wider audience.

The feedback obtained from the testing carried out at The Listening Lab was invaluable. It has provided a huge amount of insight for both ITERATE and the client, enabling them to move forward confidently with the project and into the next stages of development.

So, if you have a current product and you want to gain a deeper understanding of how it could be improved, or even gain insight into a new product opportunity, a usability study is a fantastic way of obtaining high quality user feedback.


Jenni Manning

ITERATE Business Development Executive

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