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We have just relaunched our newsletter full of engaging, interactive content for everyone involved in our ITERATE community. The aim of this newsletter is not to bombard our subscribers with promotional content but to create a space where useful information, exciting updates and exclusive worksheets are made available to our users. We want to create a hub for our audience where they can become inspired, build up conversations around their projects, and engage with one another through sharing product design journeys and ideas.

Throughout the newsletter, we want to ensure the content provided always has our subscribers in mind. An example of this is our interactive guides. The guides focus on four areas we believe generate barriers when creating a product, this includes: calculating return-on-investment, recognising your target audience, understanding intellectual property, and creating a project brief. These guides aim to offer support to our subscribers before they approach their product design journey, ensuring they are equipped with the resources and knowledge needed to transform an initial idea into a marketable product. We want to help build our clients confidence when facing difficult design challenges and ensure they are able to overcome these hurdles with ease.


We will also be showcasing an insight into the topics we are focusing on each month; this will include behind the scenes content from the design team. This is to grant our audience a more authentic perspective into what the team here at ITERATE get up to. For example, this month’s newsletter highlights our participation in Movember, an annual event that includes growing a moustache to raise funds and awareness for men’s mental health. It also includes information about national geography week, something we feel is very important to raise awareness around and generate conversations about.


Case studies, from previous projects we have worked on, will also be exhibited through our newsletters. By sharing these success stories and the design processes and challenges faced and overcome by our clients, we hope our subscribers will feel inspired and encouraged to start their own design journey. This will also highlight how every design journey is different, and how the end result can vary. We want to show how every prototype created doesn’t have to be marketable and produced in a high volume. For example, the wearable blood glucose monitor developed with Afon Technology was created for clinical trials, and therefore only a small volume of prototypes were developed. A new case study will be featured in our newsletter each month to show the diversity of product development we are capable of achieving.


If you want to keep up to date with us and engage in our community, you can subscribe to our newsletter by entering your details here: http://eepurl.com/cAHMEH