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ITERATE Welcomes Junior Electronics Engineer, Matthew Bajjada

Last week, I embarked on the next challenge of my career with ITERATE Design + Innovation, after graduating from Swansea University with a BEng in Electronic and Electrical Engineering in the Summer.

I was excited to learn that ITERATE Design + Innovation was searching for a Junior Electronics Engineer to join their ranks, especially given their growth over the last two years. The platform the position has offered me, for both personal development and experience, will help me develop in the next phase of my career. I look forward to building upon the three years of engineering knowledge I gained at university and this position will give me specific insight into design engineering in the context of product design.

I am honoured to be a part of the team at ITERATE Design + Innovation and to work towards the company objective which aims to provide a high-quality service, helping develop clients’ visions from concept through to production. Looking forward, I offer my technical expertise in any electronically sophisticated projects to help support ITERATE’s continued growth.

My final year project in university focused on prototyping a differential drive autonomous robot capable of traversing an unknown environment to dock with another robot. The prototype incorporated an infrared vision system that was capable of obstacle avoidance and robot seeking functions through its positional situation between itself (Robot 1) and the robot to be rescued (Robot 2).

If an obstacle appeared between the two, Robot 1 – knowing it was nowhere near Robot 2 – would avoid the obstacle by pursuing the route with the fewest obstructions to reach Robot 2, via its onboard IR sensors. Alternatively, if it knew it was close, it would head towards Robot 2, accordingly changing its angle of entry based upon Robot 2’s actual position.

This project built upon the current knowledge of vision-based systems for autonomous vehicles and the key challenges their designers encounter today. I gained the ability to understand, organize, and integrate resources, in addition to valuable hands-on technical experience including C-language coding, circuit design, fabrication, and analysis.

In addition to my experience, I have a solid passion for both electrical and electronic engineering. I am extremely enthusiastic about the future of the industry and the opportunity to work within a sector helping to overcome human challenges through technological advancement, in which electronics will play an essential role. Outside of work, I am an active individual – I take part in football and surfing activities weekly and have a real interest in how technology has pierced the sporting world in recent years.

I have witnessed this in how the introduction of smart technology has enabled the tracking, collection and analysis of data related to athletes’ performance and technique. This revelation in sport has been made possible through the integration of features such as Bluetooth, GPS, accelerometers, and motion sensors within portable devices. Improvements relating to the size and weight of the components have also been vital to ensure minimal impact on usability.

With ITERATE Design + Innovation, I look forward to working closely with Gethin and the Design team to turn clients’ visions into concrete realities and to exploring new electronic developments within consumer and medical technologies especially.