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ITERATE takes on Movember

This month the team at ITERATE are taking part in Movember, an annual event that takes place in the month of November and includes growing a moustache in order to raise funds for men’s health. This year, we have decided to focus on men’s mental health, a topic the team feel really passionate about generating awareness around. With the design engineering sector being heavily male orientated, we feel obliged to use the platform of Movember to show case our support and raise as much funds as possible to help this fantastic organization.

It is a true but surprising statistic that globally, on average, one man dies from suicide every minute of every day. This is sadly our current reality, and with the topic of men’s mental health in previous years being somewhat of a taboo subject, men have felt un-supported by society and have therefore taken on a ‘just get on with it’ approach when handling their mental health. Through the platform of Movember, many men are able to share their stories and demonstrate the importance of speaking out.

By 2030, the Movember organization aim to reduce the rate of male suicide by 25%, with a focus on prevention, early interaction, and health promotions. Amongst their many successful projects, ranging from the Social Innovators Challenge to the Men’s Pie Club, they have developed a varied community of men willing to take the crucial first steps towards improving their mental health. The Social Innovators Challenge supports the development and trialling of new innovation ideas that could lead to creative solutions that increase levels of social connection and feeling of belongingness for men. With ITERATE being a purpose-driven design consultancy, and with our aim being to focus our designs on innovative ideas that create a positive impact on society; the Social Innovators Challenge is something we can really relate to and the processes used within the scheme is something we can really appreciate.

As a result of the Social Innovators Challenge, 12 project teams were selected to pilot their project plans over a two-year period, this led to a business plan being submitted and then assessed by a panel of subject experts. Six teams were successful in the assessment process and were selected to continue piloting their projects. Three teams will continue to pilot their projects for an additional 18 months with a budget of $150,000 AUD per project and the other three teams will continue to pilot their project for a further 36 months with a budget of $750,000 AUD per project.

The above progress has all be established through the movement of Movember, and with 1,250 funded projects, 20 men health partners and 20 countries, the topic of men’s health will be highlighted to society as a topic that crucially needs support, time and understanding. The matter of men’s mental health has arisen and has become far more realised and considered in everyday society, and with this realisation we are on track to tackle this illness and create an environment where men feel safe and connected.

If you would like to donate to Movember, please follow the link below; thank you in advance form the team here at ITERATE.