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Have You Noticed – Do We Look Different?

You might have noticed a subtle change in our online presence recently. However, you can be forgiven if this has gone under your radar; as we have quietly been working on a brand refresh and slowly rolling this out across our social media platforms without the normal fanfare usually applied to such an unveiling. Having built a successful brand identity and consolidated our reputation within the UK design and manufacturing industries, we felt that it was time to update our image to better reflect our evolving business values and to more closely align with the customer base we now serve.

ITERATE was established in early 2014 with the sole focus of developing new products rapidly, ensuring that our clients could secure a competitive edge by being first-to-market. Almost 8 years later, the level of products we now design has extended to a point where being ‘first’ is assumed as a necessary component of market success, with our internal Rapid Product Development Pathway continuing to form the backbone of every project we deliver.

An increasing demand for our customers to become more sustainable; cost effective; technology-led and future proof has prompted us to reflect on maximising the impact we can have as a small team of Product Design Engineers. And refocus our efforts on becoming a purpose-driven product design agency that has the ability to produce fantastically engaging product experiences, whilst embedding an appreciation of the global business constraints we all face, in the way we deliver our service and the products we create.

Our revised identity aims to retain elements of our original brand whilst emulating our maturity as a business. Our aspiration is to align ourselves with existing and future customers who share our values, and want to create a positive impact in the world – whether that be through the development of innovative healthcare and medical devices; consumer technologies that enhance quality of living or simply by utilising sustainable materials within their products’ construction so that a smaller carbon footprint can be realised.

We hope that this firmer sense of purpose will enable us to connect with international project partners who wish to help us implement our longer-term vision. If this viewpoint resonates with you, you can get in touch by mailing gethin@iterate-uk.com or calling 01291 408283.