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Discovering Design in the UK’s Premier Museums

Discovering Design Over the Festive Period in the UK’s Premier Museums

How lucky are we to live in a country that boasts such a rich tapestry of design history? With numerous museums scattered throughout the United Kingdom, offering immersive experiences into the evolution of art, fashion, and innovation. Whether you have a weekend to yourself or some well-deserved time off over the festive period, take a trip to the following design and innovation museums, promising a captivating journey through creativity.


Design Museum, London (Admission is Free- Some temporary exhibitions may require a fee)
~For those with a creative soul, this attraction is a must. Located in the heart of the city, the Design Museum is a hub for modern design! Explore exhibitions that push the boundaries of architecture, fashion, and technology.


Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) South Kensington, London (Admission is Free)
~Embark on a visual feast at V&A, where design transcends time. From medieval tapestries to cutting-edge contemporary installations, this museum captures the essence of extraordinary creativity.


Museum of Science and Industry (MSI) Manchester (Admission is Free)

~This gem of a museum showcases the evolution of industry and technology. It offers sights into innovations that have shaped modern society, showcasing ideas that ‘changed the world’ in which we live in.


Fashion and Textile Museum, London (£11.50 per adult)
 ~Dive into the world of style and fabric at this vibrant museum. With ever changing exhibitions, it’s a dynamic space dedicated to showcasing the evolution of fashion and textiles.


Tate Modern, London (Admission is Free)

~Some of the world’s most exciting contemporary art can be found at the spectacular Tate Modern Museum. Situated on the bank of the River Thames, The Tate Modern is home to an international collection of innovative works that has formed art as we know it today.


If you see the world through creative eyes and can appreciate true innovation when you spy it, these above attractions should be on your bucket list. Each destination offers a unique perspective, displaying the creativity that has shaped the UK’s design landscape.

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by Jenni Manning

Business Development Executive

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