Design Registrations: Interview with Michelle Ward, Part Two

Here, we continue our interview with Chartered Trade Mark Attorney Michelle Ward, founder of Indelible IP. Read part one if you haven’t already where we covered the scope of protection provided by a design registration. Michelle’s insights demonstrated that for a relatively low cost and straightforward application process, design registration can provide a lot of value. In part two of the interview our focus shifted to considering design registration from more of a commercial perspective.


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Design Registrations: Interview with Michelle Ward, Part One

Recently, Holly and Gethin from the ITERATE team sat down over Zoom to interview Michelle Ward. Michelle is a Chartered Trade Mark Attorney; she has more than 28 years’ experience advising brands on intellectual property. Michelle specialises in trade marks, copyright, design registrations and unregistered design rights and in 2016, founded Indelible IP. Michelle shared her wealth of knowledge on the value of design registrations within the wider IP landscape. She made a compelling case for raising the profile of design registration and explained how this particular design right can be used in clever ways to not only protect your design but also to enrich your brand.


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How Do I Protect My Design Idea

The light bulb moment has happened – you’ve had a great product idea! You’ve stumbled across a problem that everyone experiences and can’t find anything on the market that solves this problem. What next – how do I protect my design idea?
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What You Need to Know About Intellectual Property

There are a number of ways you can legally protect your designs – this is known as Intellectual Property (IP). Filing an application to register a design, copyright, trade mark or patent can be an expensive process, which is why it is useful to understand the various forms of protection available and whether it is suitable for your business. Read more