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Interactive Guides to Help Tackle Product Development Barriers

A product design journey can be challenging, barriers are present throughout that can be hard to conquer. Approaching a team of experts can also seem daunting when explaining your ideas and transforming your passions into a product. We understand that these passions are personal and exposing them to a group of people can be one of the hardest hurdles to overcome. Our aim is to build our clients’ confidence up to a point where they feel like they understand key considerations at the start of their journey so that they can navigate their project and desired outcome assuredly. To enable this, we have created four interactive guides covering the topics we believe assemble the backbone of a successful design project.

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5 Questions to Consider When Selecting a Product Design Agency

When you decide to embark on a journey to develop a new product, it is important that you select the right product design agency as it may determine the success of your project. Product design is a broad field with some agencies specialising in specific sectors, such as consumer or medical product design. Whereas others may prefer to specialise in a particular aspect of the design process, such as the front-end where research and creative tools are more value than knowledge of engineering and manufacturing principles. Talking through the following questions with your preferred partner will help you determine whether they are right for you and your project. Read more