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INSIDE ITERATE: Creating Innovative Concepts with Rhydian Dobbin

This “INSIDE ITERATE” thought comes from a conversation with Design Engineer Rhydian Dobbin and provides a window into how we develop concept designs and how in order to create outside-the-box concepts you, in fact, have to step away from the product itself.

Concept development can encompass a broad array of activities from market research to early technical validation. Nonetheless, from “where do you start?” at the beginning to “how do you know which direction to take” at the end, this phase can be perceived as a somewhat intangible. This stage of development is often thought of simply as the ideas stage, but as Rhydian explains, there’s a lot that can be considered and learnt within concept development about what is possible within a given design. There are numerous ways in the concept phase to both push the boundaries and explore the feasibility of an idea. This allows you to analyse options for a product and reach smart decisions through a blend of both blue sky thinking and technical consideration.

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Improving the Lives of those Suffering with Muscular Dystrophy through Additive Manufacturing

A loss in limb mobility is a growing issue within the UK. Such issues are prevalent across a broad spectrum; ranging from mild discomfort to a complete loss of mobility. The most typical cause are experiencing a stroke and reduced mobility due to old age. The more infrequent but more severe form of this is attributed to muscular dystrophy, a range of diseases that centre around muscle wasting, typically leaving the person with severely reduced or no mobility. Read more

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My Internship with ITERATE

I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to undertake a 6-week industrial placement with ITERATE as part of my Masters degree. I was tasked with designing a medical or healthcare product which leveraged FDM 3D printing, which lends itself to mass-customisation and batch production. This project was based upon the growing market trend of bespoke 3D printed medical devices. Read more