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The Power of Business Model Innovation: Interview with Professor Jay Bal, Part Two

Our interview with Dr Jay Bal continues in part two which is rich with examples and varied case studies showcasing how businesses have turned the most unassuming products into winning experiences and market-changing services – all through business model innovation. The conversation proved that a creative business model can be found for every product and […]

The Power of Business Model Innovation: Interview with Professor Jay Bal, Part One

Business model innovation is an incredible tool but one that often isn’t considered by those developing new products. As part of our mission to explore the wide-ranging commercial opportunities for new product developers, ITERATE team members Gethin Roberts and Holly McSweeney recently interviewed Dr Jay Bal to understand why business model innovation needs more attention. […]

8 Commercial Touchpoints in the Product Design Journey

Not every Client we work with chooses to develop their product for commercial reasons, but many do. And, as we are increasingly seeing business play a bigger role in social, health and environmental impact, entrepreneurs have an opportunity to make a difference and a profit. So how, as entrepreneurs looking to materialise ideas and as […]

Harnessing Material Innovation for a New Design Approach

Material quite literally makes our products. We design for materials, we manufacture materials, and we use and interact with materials in every part of everyday life. Materials form the fundamental substance of all things around us, but more than this, material choice influences things like our responses to the products in-the-hand, the lifetime and longevity […]


Celebrating 7 Years of ITERATE: Our Take on the Design Sprint

On the 21st of May 2021 ITERATE Design + Innovation turned 7. To mark this business milestone we set out to try something new. Drawing upon recent success trialling the design sprint concept for a Client project, we felt this milestone provided the perfect opportunity to involve the full team at ITERATE in another, bigger […]

The Evolution of Sensor-Driven Technology

Sensors are electronic components and as their capabilities have advanced, these small components have completely redefined what physical products and devices can achieve. The evolution of sensor technology in recent years has radically increased the level of intelligence that can be built and engineered into products. This, in turn, has revolutionised numerous aspects of day-to-day […]