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What You Need to Know About Intellectual Property

There are a number of ways you can legally protect your designs – this is known as Intellectual Property (IP). Filing an application to register a design, copyright, trade mark or patent can be an expensive process, which is why it is useful to understand the various forms of protection available and whether it is suitable for your business.


Understanding the Benefits of Good Design

Good design does not just consider the aesthetics of a product, it considers every element of a product from its initial inception and manufacture, throughout its lifetime and right up to the point at which it is disposed or recycled. As Dieter Rams once said “good design is as little design as possible: less, but better; because […]

Effective Ways of Gaining Customer Feedback

When developing a new product, it is important to gain as much customer feedback as possible. It is also important to validate the quality of the feedback and know what to act upon, especially when creating an innovative product that is new to the market. Henry Ford famously stated that “if I had asked people […]

How to Formulate a Design Brief

We deal with a wide variety of clients, some have very specific project requirements and some have a much more general idea of what they want to achieve. We approach every project with the intention of solving a problem or adding value through design. This means that we are able to bring clarity to the […]