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ITERATE Welcomes Sales and Marketing Assistant, Holly McSweeney

I am thrilled to join the team at ITERATE Design + Innovation in the new role of sales and marketing assistant. Having achieved a 1st in my BA English degree at the University of Exeter this Summer in circumstances I could have never envisioned, I am now incredibly excited to be starting my career in such a versatile and dynamic consultancy.

Through undergraduate study I have developed a firm foundation in writing for different audiences, content creation and analysis – all of which I will draw upon here at ITERATE Design + Innovation. I was fortunate to be able to tailor my degree to focus on global literatures, cultures and world systems; this focus has broadened my critical perspective and shifted the way I think creatively. In my final year, I studied a publishing module which focussed on the business practises, models and philosophies of multiple independent publishing houses dispersed around the world. Through this I gained an understanding of how independent businesses have impressively leveraged symbolic and social capital to compete effectively with the ‘Big Five’ in the marketplace and gain recognition in internationally acclaimed literary competitions. Ultimately, my interest in a connected world led me to write a dissertation on how the influence between two writers stimulated an unparalleled level of artistic exploration and productivity.

Beyond my degree, I have also worked as a freelance writer, producing advertising copy to market architecturally unique properties for Exeter Living Magazine and have actively participated in student journalism. During my final year, as online deputy editor for the University of Exeter’s award-winning magazine publication RAZZ, I was responsible for regular content releases and capturing the attention of new readers. To succeed in the busy landscape of student publication required a level of lateral thinking which I will readily bring to ITERATE Design + Innovation.

In this position, I look forward to working closely with Gethin and the team of talented designers and design engineers to grow the business collaboratively. To achieve this, we must focus on reaching clients whose visions we can best realise and bring to life through our expertise in the medical, consumer and industrial sectors. By developing innovative strategies for establishing and deepening mutually rewarding connections with prospective and existing clients, I hope to help ITERATE Design + Innovation expand in a highly intentional and measured way.

Remaining connected right now is a pressing global challenge and one that is highly relevant to businesses seeking to navigate the ‘new normal’, socially distanced climate. Joining the company at this time has added a new register of urgency to the task and fuel to my fire; I am keen to embody ITERATE’s long-standing and proven spirit of problem-solving to succeed. By tapping into the constant advance of digital technologies I will focus on helping ITERATE Design + Innovation maintain human contact and maximise the space for innovation that has emerged in recent months. It is vital to keep clients involved and inspired at every stage of the product design journey, from initial concept realisation, right through to manufacture. I am keen to discover ways to showcase more of the story that unfolds behind the scenes of the design process at ITERATE Design + Innovation. Having been in the company for just a number of days, I have no doubt that prospective clients would be equally as intrigued as I have been.

Increasingly, towards the end of my BA English degree I itched to put my writing skills to real practise and find a more tangible, meaningful use for my creative capabilities in the workplace. The chance to work at ITERATE Design + Innovation within the R&D sector has presented me with just this opportunity. By combining imagination with an emphasis on measurable results and life-changing impacts, the field of R&D unites us all; this is what has compelled me to find the perfect outlet for my creative skills here at ITERATE Design + Innovation.