Dental 3D Printing

Our in-house 3D printing capability enables us to produce highly accurate and custom fit occlusal guards; mouth splints; surgical guides; sport guards and aligners. Using the latest sterolithography (SLA) technology, we are able to print parts from your intraoral scan data in a variety of materials and colours, which include: clear; translucent peach, pink; and solid grey. Our materials library includes Class l and Class lla biocompatible resins that are approved for dental use. 3D printing such products provide a much higher level of accuracy when compared to traditional methods ensuring that optimal patient comfort is achieved.

Our team has experience of printing the following custom fit products:

Occlusal Guards
Surgical Guides
Sport Guards
Mouth Splints

Our Approach

  • Foresight

    We will clearly define the scope of your project. Understand the target user group and identify any potential technical, commercial or intellectual property barriers that may prevent your product from getting to market.

  • Concept

    We will generate an array of design ideas that address your project brief and present them in digital sketch format. A strong focus will be placed on adding value to the product by understanding the user’s needs.

  • Development

    A preferred concept will be developed in order to create a refined design solution. Even at this early stage, we will consider the intended manufacturing process; material; finish; assembly process; and disposal method.

  • Detail

    Once a final design has been selected, we will create a detailed 3D CAD model of your product. If your device requires custom electronics, this will be developed concurrently to the mechanical element of the design.

  • Prototype

    Using the latest technologies, we can build a full working prototype of your product. Such a high fidelity demonstrator can be used to communicate the product benefits to investors and obtain quality user feedback.

  • Optimise

    This phase is dedicated to preparing your product for manufacture; ensuring that all 3D CAD models are fully optimised and that critical to quality (CTQ) features are properly specified using an engineering drawing.

  • Certify

    It is likely that your product will require accreditation, which can be obtained from a number of certified bodies following rigorous testing. We can advise on relevant third parties capable of supporting product approvals.

  • Manufacture

    We have established a network of manufacturing partners in the UK and Far East. Via this network, we are able to produce your product and supply it fully assembled and tested to a given standard of quality.

Case Study: Custom Fit Occlusal Guard 

Insert case study here that relates to the development of an occlusal guard aimed at reducing the effects of bruxism and TMJ.

Success Factors

Having developed a series of custom fit dental products for denture clinics, labs and practices, we have established the following success factors:

  • 1: Insert success factor here.
  • 2: Insert success factor here.
  • 3: Insert success factor here.
  • 4: Insert success factor here.

Gethin is an expert designer who provided some excellent design consultancy work for Olberon Medical Innovation. He is conscientious, personable and a professional individual. ITERATE respect your time-line and provide work of a very high standard. I wholeheartedly recommend their product development services.

Dr Arash BakhtyariCEO (Radiologist)Olberon Medical Innovation

How Can We Help?

We love working with ambitious clients, solving technical challenges and creating great dental products that assist your patients. If you would like to discuss your requirement, please email or call 01291 442181.