3D CAD and Simulation

3D CAD is a critical tool that will be heavily utilised during the detail design phase of your project. By creating a CAD model of your product, we will be able to visually demonstrate important aspects such as its overall size; aesthetic; method of user engagement; number of parts; assembly procedure; and even the preferred manufacturing process. We are able to deliver your 3D model in a format that allows you to view it on-screen without the need for specialist software. Once you have a completed CAD model, we are able to build an initial prototype of your product.

We also offer additional CAD services that can be accessed exclusively or as part of your new product development project:

Photorealistic Rendering

Photorealistic rendering is a good way of communicating a design idea; demonstrating details such as material finish and texture. If you are seeking financial investment for your product, these visualisations can be used to compliment prototypes that are not built from production materials. Such images are particularly useful if you intend to start marketing your product before launching production.

Simulation & Animation

Using advanced CAD functionality, we are able to build complex assemblies and simulate mechanical operations. This is a useful tool for testing and proving design ideas in a virtual environment. Animations can also be used for product demonstrations to investors or at launch events and trade shows; particularly if it is not possible to showcase a physical prototype due to its size.

Engineering Drawing

During the optimisation stage of your project, we will create a set of engineering drawings that will be used to control critical to quality (CTQ) dimensions during production. This manufacturing information will also include a final bill of materials (BOM), assembly and sub-assembly drawings. Depending on the complexity of your product, it may be necessary for us to create visual instructions that outline the method of assembly at the point of production.

Reverse Engineering

Have you mislaid a CAD model of an old product, or maybe it was originally manufactured from a hand drawing? If this is the case, we can reverse engineer your product using a physical sample in order to create a new 3D model and set of engineering drawings. Where necessary, we are able to utilise 3D scanning capabilities to quantify dimensions that can not be measured by hand or require a high level of accuracy.

Part Analysis & Optimisation

Do you want to make a part lighter in weight or reduce the material used to help minimise cost? You may feel that your product incorporates too many parts? We can conduct an in-depth analysis in order to identify opportunities to make your product leaner. Such rationalisation may identify that the functionality of multiple parts can be combined in to a single component. If demand for your product has increased, we can also re-design key components so that they are more suitable for high volume production; this will in-turn help reduce overall unit cost.